"On Monday night, I had two daughters, one son-in-law, and a son for dinner. A table for five was reserved. We brought our own wine - three different kinds. The food was good, the service was good, and a good time was had by all.

Thank you VERY much."

“This was the best of the best. It looked and felt more like home than a nursing home. The caregivers were really good. Mom did really well with the routines, and even tried to be a helper. I felt comfortable visiting her whenever I wanted. If I get Alzheimer’s, I would like to have my family move me to a care center like this one.”

“My mother is a resident at Nightingale Suites, and I am so grateful for the excellent care provided to my mother. I cannot say enough good things about the staff at Nightingale. I am eternally grateful to them.”

“I was there in October to visit my mom, and I was able to dine with her at the main meal. The food was very delicious, and your staff is so friendly!”

“At first, when my daughter talked to me about the apartment I wasn’t sure. She said, ‘Mom, will you try it?’ and I said, ‘I’ll try anything once.’ The next thing I knew, I was moved in and happy. I’m not doing what I was doing at home, which was sitting in my room doing nothing. I’m a people person and I’m busy. I love it. I am very happy. I’m a walking advertisement for Springwood!” Donna L.

“Persistent kindness – that’s the only way to sum up the gift of residing at Springwood.”

“My mother loved Springwood. She loved the food, the vitality of the residents, and the niceness of the staff. She has now moved to Nightingale Suites, the assisted living portion of Springwood, and that has been an equally great place for her. It made the decision so much easier for the four children and my mom to move to assisted living when it was already an extension of such a well-loved living arrangement.”

“We are enjoying life here very much. We have had the opportunity to become acquainted with many dear friends through the many activities offered. The staff is friendly, caring, and professional.”

“Everyone is so nice and helpful, the food is wonderful, and our apartment is beautiful. What else can we say?”

“Nightingale Lane was wonderful. It’s not nearly as big, but everybody there was very friendly and they knew what they were doing. They took good care of my mom and she loved living there. I would highly recommend them.”

“I visited Springwood Retirement Community. It was a nice facility, and the staff was accommodating. They have two wings of common room, and each wing has their own dining room where they can order food off of their menu. “

“Springwood Retirement Community seemed to have a nice variety of activities for every kind of mental state of the residents living there. Everything was very clean, and I really like the units. They are nice and have a lot of storage space. I also really like the location because it’s just walking distance to the grocery store. The staff is great, and you can tell that they enjoy their work.”

"I know it's not cheap but it seems reasonable to me. My mom has been really happy with the activities. I remember there were a lot of them. We've been really happy with them. I'm in Texas and it took a while before my mom signed the paperwork saying that I could talk to them about her care. They were kind enough when I called to go and check on her and give me a general yes she's doing okay because they knew who I was but they just didn't have the paperwork to give me specifics. My mother had some blood work come back and her potassium was low. The lady at Springwood was trying to get in touch with the doctor but wasn't able to reach them. She called my sister to let her know what was going on. She went out of her way on the weekend to do that so we've very impressed."